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“The Planet of the Dead” vs “Midnight”


As with my previous episode review, these comments appeared similarily else where, but here we go…

I’m interested in why the Doctor can be effective in this situation but not in “Midnight.” Very interesting contrasts, especially from the same author. I’d like to hear your ideas on the subject.


In contrast to “Midnight” with its claustrophobic atmosphere, here the passengers have the option of leaving the bus and seeing the sky & the planet. Also, The Doctor doesn’t appoint himself leader, he becomes so when Christina, and the others, realize that he understands more than they do about this situation.

In “Midnight,” although he figured out the situation a bit quicker, he really didn’t have any more information than they did. In addition, The Doctor can prove the wormhole is there by throwing a rock at it, and the bus driver proves that the others have to listen to the Doctor to survive.

In “Midnight,” he had only his feeling that she was dangerous, until it was too late, so their hyteria grew to be uncontrolled. Here, The Doctor stops the cycle of hysteria by refocusing them on their loved ones. Also, these bus passengers have things to do, ways to use their skills and “solve” the problems, so they don’t have time to panic much.

Of course, it helps that initially the conflict is a situation, not an enemy. Then, when the enemy does appear, it is OUTSIDE of the group, rather than one of their own.

I think “Midnight” was better written, but I enjoyed “Planet of the Dead” more.
Ok, and my general comments now: I love it that the Doctor has to navigate an automated menu!

Also, I like that the Doctor asked which file was Malcolm’s favorite—and noted that they handled the giant Robot wrong.

Interesting how they showed that although the Tardis is in the Doctor’s head, it is NOT in Christina’s, so she cannot understand the alien’s language. We don’t get to see that very often.

Wait, though, an entity turning thriving civilizations into sand—way to steal the Crystalline entity from Star Trek, RTD!

Cool looking swarms, though.

Lady Christina is a fun companion as a one-off, but she would get tedious after a while. I’m glad she flies off at the end. I do like Malcolm. I hope we see more of him in the future.

Why did they call UNIT instead of Torchwood?

“Your song is ending soon.” Very nice allusion to the Ood.

“I’ll just step inside this police box and arrest myself.” Ha! Overall, good stuff. More, please.

Thanks to both Staggering Stories & Flashing Blade podcasts for reading out my ideas on these stories. 🙂