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So, it’s now 2:12 pm on Monday, and my friend will be here to pick me up in about an hour , and she’ll drive me to the airport. I’ve done everything I can do short of putting on my shoes, and this is one of the hardest parts of waiting.  I’m comfy and at home and everything feels like usual, so it’s easy to feel lazy like it’s any other day.  But I’m bubbling over with excitement, and a bit worried about the actual travelling part, which is mostly because I’ve never travelled internationally before.  I’m finding ways to kill a bit of time (this being one of them), but the clock is ticking slower than it does during the afternoon of the last day of school.  It’ll be all hurry up and wait all afternoon, I know that.  Just wanna get started on my adventure!

Adventures await



I know, it’s been a long while.  How’s everyone?

Me, well, I’m two weeks into my summer vacation, and I admit to enjoying a few extremely lazy days lately. 

However, here’s the big news, are you ready?  In four days I get on a plane to visit England for two and a half weeks!!!  I’ve been planning the trip for the better part of a year now, and have been actively counting down the days since February.  Now it’s finally here, and I’m nearly ready to crawl out of my skin with excitement!  I’ve never been out of the US before. I’ve always wanted to visit England, as do most of my friends, given the number of them who’ve begged to stow-away in my suitcase the past few weeks.  There’s the Flashing Blade podcast picnic on the 2nd of July, where I’ll get to actually meet many of the people with whom I’ve only tweeted or Skyped or Facebooked or such [my inner grammar nerd is really rebelling at turning all of those words into verbs, but as I’m on vacation, I shall tell her to shush].  Incredibly looking forward to seeing friends in person!

And, most importantly of all, I’ll have over two weeks together with my fella. You know, on the same continent, which will make a nice change.  Yes, *blush* as pretty much everyone knows by now, my co-host Dave and I are a couple.  Have been for quite awhile now.  I can see the knowing grins of our PDAIS listeners from here.  Yeah, you were right, guys 😉  Though we’ve tried to be a bit discreet, as long-distance is hard enough without everyone watching, I suspect this will come as a surprise to no one at the picnic… or on the twitters. 

We’ve got such adventures planned!  In addition to the picnic, there’ll be Shakespearean theater [Tennant and Tate in “Much Ado About Nothing”!], touristy wanderings, the Doctor Who Experience, and all kinds of wonderfulness.  Hence the update here on the blog.  I’m going to try to write down some of my England adventures– partially so I don’t forget how marvelous they all were amid the whirlwind of what I know will be a blazing fast two weeks, and partially to let my friends enjoy vicariously, the second best thing to stowing away.  Our goal is to do a few podcast discussions together and put those up on the PDAIS feed, so these might act as a supplement to those as well.  Anyway, adventures await!

interlude (now with added cat)


Good afternoon, all–

As a nice interlude between commentaries, I’d like to share Stella Luna with you.

I sit typing while Stella Luna, looking disapprovingly over the top of the laptop screen, wonders why my hands are wasting time on a keyboard instead of scratching behind her ears like they are supposed to.  Stella is a tuxedo cat.  She has beautiful green eyes.

She is capable of truely disgusting things, is Stella.  As just an example, once I came home from work to discover, in the middle of my living room carpet, the head and the tail of a lizard.  Nothing else.  Just the head and the tail.  Now, I am grossed out by live lizards running across the sidewalk.  This.  This…. ewww!  Yesterday, she ate nearly a full can of wet cat food, and then proceeded to cough up a hairball (and all of her food) all over the same living-room rug– that never did anyone any harm and does not deserve this sort of treatment.   I spend more money on rug cleaner because of this feline.

So, she can be a very gross girl.  But then, she comes to cuddle  during a thunderstorm and sticks her little cold nose right in the palm of my hand, and I can’t help but forgive her.  When I sit in my chair to watch tv, she leaps into my lap and spreads herself out, so that her paws are hanging around my knees, and falls right to sleep.  How could you not love that. 

When she particularly wants to get back in my good graces and show what a cute little thing she is, she rolls over on her back and looks at you upside down.  Like this.

"Love me," she says, "I'm adorable."

"Love me," she says, "I'm adorable."

And I do.

p.s. The tiny pink spot in the picture near her head is the lazer pointer.  This represents the best $5 I have ever spent on a cat toy.  She rampages after it.  It’s very funny, and Stella seems to get a kick out of it.

Any other feline fanciers out there?