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Title: Royal Pains

worth a check up

worth a check up

Network: USA

Time: Thursdays 10pm

Setup: A former emergency-room doctor relocates to the Hamptons and becomes a concierge doctor for the rich, while also helping out patients who can’t afford the local hospital.  He lives with his brother and has surrounded himself, not entirely on purpose, with a team of helpers.

I just finished watching the second episode, and the show is starting to find its feet.  USA has been cultivating its reputation for creating shows revolving around quirky characters with hearts of gold, and this show is true to form.  Unlike its predessesor, “House,” however, “Royal Pains” is really more about the characters and their relationships, than about the medical problem of the week.  If you, like me, had a hard time watching the intricate medical scenes in House and ER, this may be the show for you.

The repartee between the brothers is nicely written, if a bit stilted in places, and the characters are sweetly believable.  I just want to like them.

On the visual side, the cinematography is quite pretty.  Nearly all of the location shots (of which there are plenty) are softly lit and feature beautiful vistas of the ocean– one of the pluses of setting the story in the Hamptons.  The colors are bright and clear, without the overlay of hue that is so prevalent these days in shows like CSI (let’s see, there’s the orange one in Miami, the blue one in NY…).

Overall: Like all new comedy/ dramas, this one is still finding its feet, but USA has already successfully won my votes with “Monk,” “Psyche,” and “Burn Notice,” so I think I’ll be sticking around for this one, too.

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