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to make your Friday more fun


Hi… um…. it’s been awhile.  again. 

So… since December… what’s been going on? 

We’ve just finished our Spring Break– which was the first Spring Break (since what, 1996?) I’ve not spent with my family.   My mom came to visit at the beginning and the end of the week, though, and it was really nice to see her.  Becoming adult friends with my mother is a great joy, really.

Most of my creative energies these days are going into preparations and recordings of our podcast, Professor Dave’s Ark in Space– PDAIS, for short– http://profdais.libsyn.com  My co-hosts (our team has grown to 5 people now:

Professor Dave, Doctor Thomas, Viki the Vixen, International Sensation Danielle, and me!).  I so much enjoy our discussions!  I’m earning my comic book nerd card at the moment, as Doctor Thomas introduces me to graphic novels.  In this latest one, we talked all about the Asterix books.  I now understand the reference in the Eddie Izzard routine about Mister Dog.  🙂 

Oh! Oh!  And I really want to tell you about, though, are tongue-in-cheek radio serial episodes Our newest escapade is our PDAIS Presents: http://pdaispresents.libsyn.com/  Right now we’re Superheroes.  Doctor Thomas writes our scripts.  If you laugh even just half as much as we do while reading and recording them…

Work-wise, well, it gets intense this time of year. A mixture of calm and relaxed days (like today) and really difficult and frustrating days (like yesterday). I’d tell you some of the shenanigans, but you wouldn’t believe me!  [Here’s just a snippet.  I had to say the words, “‘He threw it at me first’ is not an acceptable reason for throwing books across the room.” And that was before 9am in the morning. Le sigh.]  Three weeks until our big state test, so the pressures to make the kids perform is ramped up to 11.   I’m up to my ears in grading most of the time.  Starbucks becomes a bit of a second home, as massive amounts of solo venti peppermint java chip frappachinos are required to deal with the hundreds of weekly journals. 

Personally, well… let’s just say that I’ve got a really wonderful fella and am silly happy.  *blush* 

Also (and not unrelated to the previous point), I’m planning a trip this summer [end of June/ early July] to London, England– actually finally bought my airline tickets this week, which left me dancing about the living room with excitement and glee! 

Well, that’s about that.  I’ve updated my Library Bag links along the side, and after tomorrow’s library trip I’ll try to remember to update them again.  Tonight, I’m curling up with the new Carrie Bebris book.    I’d like to blog about the Kat Atkinson novel, as it had quite a few interesting points.  Oh… and in a few months I might have a really cool short story collection by a fantastic to review for you.  I should also blog about ‘Blue Box Boy’ by Matthew Waterhouse, as that was pretty special too.

Right. Calling it a night, ya’ll.

an update on the little ol’ podcast


Hi everyone–

It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve written a proper post, but work is rather overwhelming.  Let’s be honest, extremely overwhelming.  However, the last time we talked, I mentioned that I have started co-hosting a podcast project called “Professor Dave’s Ark in Space.”  We just released our 4th episode (we’re a fortnightly podcast).  If you’re interested, here’s our RSS feed: http://www.profdave.libsyn.com/rss .  We’re also on iTunes. 

Personally, I’ve been blown away by how quickly this little ol’ podcast [which is basically about what we love about humanity, with frequent distractions into random geekitude] has caught on.  We went live only 8 weeks ago, and we’ve already had over 200 downloads of our first episode!  I’m flabbergasted!  I figured that our listeners would be us and a few of our friends who would humor us for the first few episodes.  Instead, our listener base and our Facebook group are growing and growing!

So, thanks very much to you all who have come and listened.  I can’t tell you how pleased it has made me that you like being part of Dave’s and my fun.  If you haven’t yet listened, please give it a try and let me know what you think.  Our e-mail is profdais@hotmail.com or you can leave a comment below.

p.s. There’ll be a new book review very soon.  I promise.  I’ve just started the sequel to “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie,” and I’m looking forward to telling ya’ll about it.

I’m officially a podcaster!


I’m very very excited because today marks my official debut out there in the vast world of podcasting.  We’re on iTunes and everything!  Our little show, called Professor Dave’s Ark in Space, is Dave and I having a discussion about what elements of our culture mark the best and the worst of humanity, and generally having a great time while we’re at it. 

If you feel inclined to give us a listen, here are the links:

iTunes–   http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/professor-daves-ark-in-space/id359160686

libsyn– http://www.profdave.libsyn.com/rss

If you love it, we also have a facebook group– just search for Professor Dave’s Ark in Space.


a new project for a new year


I’ve been dropping hints over the past few months about my new year’s project, and now I’m ready to let ya’ll into the secret…


I’m going to be co-hosting a podcast with Professor Dave (a regular contributer to “The Flashing Blade” podcast).  We hope to have our first episode out somewhere in the middle of Feburary the first of March, and I’ve very excited!

Our premise is that the Mayans were right: our world is going to end, and so we have to prepare an Ark to carry all of elements, people, and places of our society that we need to save.  We want to show what’s best about humanity, as well as what shows us as we really are.  It’ll be a bit like that old “desert island” game.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to strike a nice balance between the silly and the serious.

So, who wants to play?  Dave and I want listener feedback to become a vital part of the podcast.  If you’ve got something that has to be saved in the Ark (music, movies, television, pop culture, people, places, anything really) tell us what you would save and why.  We’ll use as many as we can in our discussions.

Come and join us on our Facebook group or leave a comment below.

Thanks to all of you in advance!