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I just finished reading “Baby, Would I Lie?” by Donald E. Westlake.  I want to think about it for a bit before I write a review, so expect one tomorrow or so. 

In the meantime, go and watch Doctor Who on BBC America tonight.  Huzzah!  [ok, so it’s far from the best episode, but it is AN episode, so enjoy it and then come and read my review here.]

a bit about “The Next Doctor”


Now, these observations have appeared elsewhere in an earlier form, but since I’m doing reviewing here, now, I figured that I’d add them to the group.  Mind you, as I live in the US, where this gap-year series has yet to appear on tv, I’ve had to watch them on YouTube (thanks to whoever posted these episodes).  was on BBC America last night, finally!  Hurrah!  So, here it goes…

dvd_TheNextDoctorMy initial reactions on “The Next Doctor”  A fun romp, with some good acting & atmospheric moments (graveyard, in particular). I’ve got some issues, though, that no one seems to have addressed yet…

Ok, first the Slitheen had pigs, then the Daleks had pig-men, now the Cybermen have monkey-dogs? Really? They used to have decent servants/ slave-races. You know, ones with opposable thumbs who could actually tie up, albeit ineffectually, their prisoners. What happened? I can just imagine…

“Oh,” say the Cybermen with a cyber-sigh to the Daleks over the back fence that separates their two halves of the void, “It is just impossible to get good help these days!”

“We know,” reply the Daleks mechanically, “the only way is to breed your own. They are pretty useless, but at least you know what you are getting.” At which point they compare recipes.  Oh dear.

Second, I’ll buy that no one noticed that the people at Cybus Industries [hello, Freema!] were being controlled by their earpieces because everyone there wore cell phones. But in 1890’s London? No one noticed blinking blue lights on the guys’ ears & their strange actions? Really?

The entire subplot with these men started wonderfully but really, what was the whole point in the end? All the work was pretty much done by the time their kids showed up anyway. Why were they needed? 

I enjoyed: Morrisey’s wonderfully over-the-top performance as the Next Doctor and his grief when he recovered his memory.

Favorite quote: “Whoa! Have you got your legs on silent?”

Later on,–All black eyes—cool effect.

The “Cyber-King?” Why? (yes, yes, they are CyberMEN (even the women), so they must have a KING… even when she’s a woman… I’ll concede that point; however…)  Goofy giant Transformer monster for no readily explored reason– just unnecessary.  I understand the perversion of “Cult of Skaro” (having developed blasphemy & a god Dalek in the Emperor), but how did this happen to the Cybermen, unless, all of the tech they stole from the Daleks was infected???

“Jackson, you’ve got your son. You’ve got a reason to live.” “And you don’t?” ** dramatic and heart-wrenching pause**  Love the lovely David Tennant!

“God bless you, Doctor.” Ahh—lovely!

Giant robot—meh (to borrow a phrase of derision from the Radio Free Skaro guys) Why? Threatening to London, yes, but was it really tall enough to walk through an ocean to threaten other nations and take over the world? The doctor said it is a spaceship, but it showed no indication of flight. Besides which, how would the world even know they were being threatened by it? No telecommunications in 1890 to broadcast everywhere, unless they intend on telegramming, which does seem just a bit less threatening:

“We have come to take over Earth. Stop. Yield immediately or we will destroy you. Stop. Love and kisses, the Dalek-King. Stop.”

Poor traumatized little child! He can’t even talk or react to his father for the whole end of the episode!

Her disdain “How is this even possible? This I would see.” Ha!

Doc’s disconcerted face when hearing the cheers was quite nice. I like his little bell.

Overall:  A decent Christmas episode (shall we call it a romp?  yes, I think we shall), although the robot jumped the shark.  Nice to see all of the Doctors in flashback [including the dubious Paul McGann– sorry, can’t take him seriously after seeing him in The Three Musketeers–“D’Artagnan, Don’t lose your head!”]  Very happy to see Doctor Who FINALLY back on US television! Bloody well about time.  I’m looking forward to the more serious episodes later in the year, but I will be sad to bid David adieu.  He took awhile to get used to, but now he’s my second favorite (Tom Baker will always be MY Doctor– thanks to the bygone days of SciFi Saturday Nights on WPBT). 

My lovely readers– drop me a comment and tell me what you thought.