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star trek– 3 points



shes a lovely ship

  she’s a lovely ship


I know I’m a bit late to this party, as far as reviewing goes, but as I’ve just come back from seeing the new Star Trek movie for the third time, I wanted to share a few of my comments .  I will warn you right now that I’m not going to sound my usually intellectual self in these remarks…

Firstly– All of the hubbub and worry from the old-time fans before the movie came out was for naught.  It’s a lovely, beautiful movie (granted, with more lens flash and camera shake than I care for, but those are ignorable).  The characters we all know and love are updated a bit and the back stories are tweaked to make them more interesting, but as it’s set in an alternate universe, die-hard original series fans needn’t worry too much.

I came into Star Trek during the Next Generation run and stayed with the shows religiously through Voyager, until I entered college and simply got too busy.  I haven’t seen much of Enterprise, though I wanted to, but I know Next Gen like the back of my hand.

Because other people have already written solid reviews of this movie, I’m just going to jot down some of my questions/ theories about the plot and characters.  (Keep in mind, I’ve already admitted to being a sad fan, ok.)

Point 1– Since when are Romulans allowed to have cool ships?  I know that they are from 150 years in the future, but really??   They used to literally have a bird painted on the bottom of their ships.  They improved a bit after that, but still.  Here’s a war ship from the Next Gen era:

ok-- remember this is a WARSHIP

ok– remember this is a WARSHIP

Now, here’s a MINING SHIP from the new movie– you tell me why the miners get the cool ships.

a mining ship? 

 a mining ship?

Which brings me to point 2, which my brother and I have already discussed, but no one else seems to have noticed:  The Narada (Nero’s ship– see above) is supposedly a mining ship, or so he claims.  However, it is awfully heavily armed and built for action– remember, the ship was sucked into the storm-thing right after Romulus was destroyed.  The Narada and her crew then arrived in Kirk, Sr’s time almost immediately.  They had no time to do ship upgrades at that point.  Then, Kirk, Sr. drives his starship on a collusion course with the Narada– and the Narada survives, with most of her crew!  Quite the tough little mining ship you’ve got there, Nero.
So, my conclusion–  either the dear boys were mining something they weren’t supposed to be, OR (and this is more likely, given the Romulans) they were up to nefarious purposes and only masquerading as miners. 
Point 3– Poor Kirk!  (if you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.)
Ok, foolishness finished– for now at least!  🙂