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Hades is not a cheerful place


Can you believe it?  Two posts in one day– this hasn’t happened in awhile.   For my second trick today, I’m giving you the rest of my marginalia for the Hades section of James Joyce’s Ulysses.  My margins are full to bursting! 

Part one comments reside here.  (If you’re new to this game, it’s great fun.  Click on the Ulysses category on my sidebar to find the rest of them.)

Picking up on page 92 of the Vintage edition…

The River Styx just isnt as fun as it used to be. 

The River Styx just isn't as fun as it used to be.

“The devil break the hasp of your back!”– Why is this funny?

“Well, nearly all of us.”– Ouch!

“As decent a little man as ever wore a hat, Mr Dedalus said.”– I like this phrase.  Finally Mr. D is not being a twat.

“Our.  Little.  Beggar.  Baby.”– how awful and sad!

“But the worst of all, Mr Power said, is the man who takes his own life.”– Now listen here.  You leave poor Leo’s dad alone.

“Martin Cunningham drew out his watch briskly, coughed and put it back.”– Take the hint, dude.

 You did WHAT? to the roast beef, Everton?  You shall die for this.

You did WHAT? to the roast beef, Everton? You shall die for this.

“Roast beef for old England.”– Reminds me of that episode of Chef!

“To heaven by water.”– Not one of your best advertising ideas there, Leo.

“Better for ninetynine guilty to escape than for one innocent person to be wrongfully condemned.”– Powers would have this reversed.

“Too many in the world.”– Well that’s depressing.

“I was in mortal agony with you talking of suicide before Bloom.”– You tell him, Mr. C!

“Condole with her…” — I don’t approve on hitting on recent widows, Leo.  At least you thought better of it.

“[Mr Bloom] dropped carefully his unfolded newspaper from his pocket and knelt his right knee upon it.”– cute.

“With a belly on him like a poisoned pup.”– eww!

“Makes them feel more important to be prayed over in Latin.”– well, yes.

“One whiff of that and you’re a goner.”– gruesome.  Sounds like something from Castle of Otranto or Poe.

“Mr Power took his arm.”– Ok- I feel sorry for old Mr. D now.

“The reverend gentleman read the service too quickly, don’t you think?  Mr Kernan said with reproof.”– yes, I do.

“Come forth, Lazarus!  And then he came fifth and lost the job.”– Harde har har

“What? Eh? Corny Kelleher said.”– Is our Corny a bit slow?

“A traveller for blottingpaper.”– Does he know the territory? [Wilson’s The Music Man]

“They tell the story…”– Why are all of their jokes about drunk men?

“Come on out and live in the graveyard.”– Probably not the most successful of chat-up lines.

“In the midst of death we are in life.”– reminds me of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

“Well preserved fat corpse gentleman…” — Listen, Leo.  Not everything is a business opportunity. 

“Nothing to feel on feed on themselves.”– eww!

“Every Friday buries a Thursday if you come to look at it.”– cheesy pun.

“It’s the moment you feel…”– What the moment of death may be like, as a Python sketch.

“Does he ever think of the hole waiting for himself?…”– It is a creepy feeling. 

“the gravediggers rested their spades”– “Tamp it down tight, Charlie.” [Disney’s A Christmas Carol]

“That one day he will come again.”– like King Arthur?  or was that Jesus?

“Eulogy in a country churchyard it ought to be that poem”– a good poem, that.

“Have a gramophone in every grave or keep it in the house.”– What a strange, yet tempting, idea.

“Cremation better…”– God, he is morbid here– yet practical.

“Back to the world again.”– Yes, please.

“that case I read of to get at fresh buried females”– ewww!

“Plenty to see and hear and feel yet.  Feel live warm beings near you.”– Now that’s the Leo that we know and love.

“John Henry Menton stared at him for an instant without moving.”– Ouch!  Cut him dead in true Regency style.

“Thank you.  How grand we are this morning.”– Are we sarcastic, too?


My, this was a cheerful and optimistic chapter!

My, this was a cheerful and optimistic chapter!

Wow!  I’d forgotten how long that section was– and we’ve got a longer one coming up.  I may well break these up into 3 or 4 sections for Aeolus section.

Are you all still enjoying these?  If so, drop me a comment and let me know, or share some of your book graffiti with me.