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a new project for a new year


I’ve been dropping hints over the past few months about my new year’s project, and now I’m ready to let ya’ll into the secret…


I’m going to be co-hosting a podcast with Professor Dave (a regular contributer to “The Flashing Blade” podcast).  We hope to have our first episode out somewhere in the middle of Feburary the first of March, and I’ve very excited!

Our premise is that the Mayans were right: our world is going to end, and so we have to prepare an Ark to carry all of elements, people, and places of our society that we need to save.  We want to show what’s best about humanity, as well as what shows us as we really are.  It’ll be a bit like that old “desert island” game.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to strike a nice balance between the silly and the serious.

So, who wants to play?  Dave and I want listener feedback to become a vital part of the podcast.  If you’ve got something that has to be saved in the Ark (music, movies, television, pop culture, people, places, anything really) tell us what you would save and why.  We’ll use as many as we can in our discussions.

Come and join us on our Facebook group or leave a comment below.

Thanks to all of you in advance!