So, it’s now 2:12 pm on Monday, and my friend will be here to pick me up in about an hour , and she’ll drive me to the airport. I’ve done everything I can do short of putting on my shoes, and this is one of the hardest parts of waiting.  I’m comfy and at home and everything feels like usual, so it’s easy to feel lazy like it’s any other day.  But I’m bubbling over with excitement, and a bit worried about the actual travelling part, which is mostly because I’ve never travelled internationally before.  I’m finding ways to kill a bit of time (this being one of them), but the clock is ticking slower than it does during the afternoon of the last day of school.  It’ll be all hurry up and wait all afternoon, I know that.  Just wanna get started on my adventure!


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  1. Have a safe trip, keep your carry-ons with you and make sure you stay sharp-eyed during customs check. For the most part, it’s hassle free and safe. You will be fine!
    And have fun!

    Oh yea, wear clean socks and shoes easy to take on and off. Most places have you take them off during security screening. (That bit surprised me).

  2. Oh, I’ve done air travel recently, so I know the drill for easy-off shoes & clear bag for little lotions & gels. I’m all settled at the gate, done w/ security, and waaay early. Easy peasey because I was so early.

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