interlude (now with added cat)


Good afternoon, all–

As a nice interlude between commentaries, I’d like to share Stella Luna with you.

I sit typing while Stella Luna, looking disapprovingly over the top of the laptop screen, wonders why my hands are wasting time on a keyboard instead of scratching behind her ears like they are supposed to.  Stella is a tuxedo cat.  She has beautiful green eyes.

She is capable of truely disgusting things, is Stella.  As just an example, once I came home from work to discover, in the middle of my living room carpet, the head and the tail of a lizard.  Nothing else.  Just the head and the tail.  Now, I am grossed out by live lizards running across the sidewalk.  This.  This…. ewww!  Yesterday, she ate nearly a full can of wet cat food, and then proceeded to cough up a hairball (and all of her food) all over the same living-room rug– that never did anyone any harm and does not deserve this sort of treatment.   I spend more money on rug cleaner because of this feline.

So, she can be a very gross girl.  But then, she comes to cuddle  during a thunderstorm and sticks her little cold nose right in the palm of my hand, and I can’t help but forgive her.  When I sit in my chair to watch tv, she leaps into my lap and spreads herself out, so that her paws are hanging around my knees, and falls right to sleep.  How could you not love that. 

When she particularly wants to get back in my good graces and show what a cute little thing she is, she rolls over on her back and looks at you upside down.  Like this.

"Love me," she says, "I'm adorable."

"Love me," she says, "I'm adorable."

And I do.

p.s. The tiny pink spot in the picture near her head is the lazer pointer.  This represents the best $5 I have ever spent on a cat toy.  She rampages after it.  It’s very funny, and Stella seems to get a kick out of it.

Any other feline fanciers out there? 


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  1. I’m missing my little bag of fur right now since I am on vacation. My cat loves to fake throw up if you can believe it. She walks right outside my room and will pretend to throw up to get me up to feed her. I think she needs therapy.

  2. One of my cats, who died from kidney failure at age 17 was so confident in his place in life ( you know, he Master, me Slave in Tarzan Speak ) that he didn’t bat an eye as we added cats and dogs and people to our household. His confidence was amazing.

    However, I took care of my sister’s pet dove one Summer and when he saw that bird in my home office in that cage he just sat on the floor staring at it for like five minutes. Then he got up, walked over to me and bit me hard on the ankle.

    I loved that cat. He was one of a kind.

    • Ah, bless him.
      I’ve taken in stray cats for a night or two before taking them down to the SPCA (I have to, or I will become the crazy cat lady). Stella is always less than pleased. She gets along really well with my brother’s dog, though, when we go to visit. Stella firmly established their relationship several years ago; she is the clever one, and Foxie-dog is allowed to exist as long as she acknowleges that she is an inferior lifeform.
      It is so true, that bumper-sticker phrase: “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.”

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