a little bit louder and a little bit worse


title: Baby, Would I Lie?

author: Donald E. Westlake

series: this is a sequel to “Trust Me on This”

summary: Reporter Sara Joslyn and her editor Jack Ingersol are back, now working for respectable, cultural weekly magazine “Trend.”  They are covering the infamous trial of country-singer Roy Clark.  When Sara notices the shenanigans of their old colleages from the Weekly Galaxy, Jack determines to expose them.  In the meantime, Roy seems to be playing some game of his own.

I have to admit that I’m in two minds about this one.  I’m pleased to spend more time with Sara and Jack.  The hijinks of the Weekly Galaxy team are fun.  The author’s attitude about country music was refreshingly positive.  There were several twists and turns in the plot that kept me reading.  Overall, a fun read; however, a few things really bothered me, which is why I had to give this one a bit of thought.

1– The constant descriptions of the tourists as fat, polyester-clad, fast-food-guzzling people with whiny children got on my nerves.  I get it, already.  Enough.

2– Part of what made the previous novel so much fun was rooting for the Weekly Galaxy crew to get away with their ridiculous stunts.  Now that Jack and Sara are legitimate journalists, though, they have certainly developed a “holier-than-thou” attitude.  Here, Jack goes out of his way, pretty determinedly, to nail the Galaxians.  Not only hypocritical, but actually tainting the previous novel.  After all, they are quite lovable rogues.

3– The last bit that really threw me off was {spoiler alert} when Binx, the anxious and over-morgaged editor from the Weekly Galaxy, callously abandons his family, just because he wants an out from his confining life.  I get that he wants to escape and that this decision represents his finally taking control of his life; however, the fact that Jack and Sara (our eyes into the story) respect Binx after he leaves his wife and children abruptly and without notice really bothers my sensiblities.

Now, other than my issues with the plot, a nice novel that I did enjoy reading.  I’m very much looking forward to the up-coming final Dortmunder novel next month.

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