notes on Stolen Earth


Last night, since I don’t get BBC America yet (my brother did tape the episode for me, though), I watched “Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”—the last two episodes of season 4.  What follows are my notes as I watched the episodes.  I’ll post them separately.  They work best if you kind of read them along with the episode because that’s how I wrote them.  A sort of written-commentary, if you will.  Here we go!


Notes on Stolen Earth


  • Are there really still milkmen in England?
  • Opening the doors to space is cool and epic.
  • Ok, is the over-blown music on Mr. Smith really necessary every single time?  Good on her telling him to shut up!
  • Oh, Rose and her bad self looking fierce! Along with amazing planets!
  • Ah, credits with everyone and their brother in them running incredibly rapidly.
  • Donna needs a comforting “Don’t Panic” and her towel.
  • Bravo on Dawkins for showing up.  Now we need Romana back!
  • Well, La De Da for Geneva.
  • Poor Bernard Cribbins.
  • Good on Jack and Sarah for their terrifying looks when they know what’s coming & no one else does.  Great idea to intro Daleks through sound only.
  • Ok, did the Daleks get their blueprints for their flying saucers from comic books?
  • What the hell is the difference between “Ultimate Code Red” and regular, every day code red?
  • Cool looking “Shadow Proclamation” shot and Jadoon w/ Doc speaking their language.  The lady looks like a Vampire.  Is she an escapee from State of Decay?
  • You tell her, Donna!
  • Cool hologram of the planets.
  • Ok, stupid UNIT, have guns EVER worked on Daleks, since you know enough about them to go to Ultimate Code Red, shouldn’t you remember that?!
  • Come on, UN… We all know what UNIT stands for, don’t be daft.
  • Creepy claw-handed Davros—now we know who was really behind the schemes on Inspector Gadget!  Where’s his cat?
  • Wacky, creepy Dalek Caan.  Wrong on sooo many levels!
  • Poor Donna reverts to her self-deprecating self when she feels overwhelmed.
  • How does vampire girl know??
  • The bees… the dolphins… same difference.
  • Really, has she never watched this show?  He’s pulled this trick how many times?
  • Go Granddad!  Is it just me or does his little hat look a bit like a UNIT beret? 
  • Go Rose!  Blow it up!
  • Cool looking Medusa Cascade.
  • Oi!  Who said that you could surrender!
  • I’ve always liked Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister, and her id card.  Yes, we know who you are. 
  • Ha!  “She wouldn’t let me have one.  She said they’re naughty.”
  • I really like the whole bit with everyone on the phones, though it does remind me a bit of the teens-on-the-phone scene in “Bye Bye Birdie.”
  • Telling Jack not to flirt, introducing everyone, Sarah Jane being a proper companion again.  All v. nice.
  • Ah, the jealous Rose again.  Not the most attractive side to her personality.
  • Hi, Ianto.  Way to get some screen-time in.
  • Good salute, Jack!
  • Well played computer acting, everyone!
  • Ok, giant signal not at ALL noticeable.
  • I like the stethoscope on the phone.  Cute.
  • Ah, blow up Mr. Smith.  Whatever.
  • More computer acting.
  • What’s up with the flames?
  • You tell them Harriet!
  • “If only there had been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life.”—Flannery O’Conner’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find”
  • Poor Harriet…
  • Goofy looking Tardis prop in space.
  • Hi, everybody!  I like the quips.
  • Great Davros being intro’d through his voice.  He’s just sooo creepy-looking and terrifyingly believable.
  • What is “the Nightmare Child”?
  • EWWWW!  Are “pure Daleks” really worth all that mess?
  • Great interactions b/w Doc and Davros
  • What? No goodbye kiss for Ianto?
  • Silly Daleks, Torchwood is for grown-ups.
  • Way to leave your child alone during a crisis, Sarah!
  • This seeing-Rose scene is played so well!
  • Bad Dalek!  No!
  • And thus begins the scenes of the giant guns.
  • Why are you stopping, Sarah?  Run them over!
  • I like that Jack & Rose know and are scared, Donna doesn’t know and is scared.
  • I was terrified when I saw him changing!
  • I HATE the way “to be continued” appeared on the screen.  Just dumb.


Overall—great episode!  I know others have criticized it for having all of the companions in it and being so self-glorifying, but I disagree.  Sometimes, you just have to play to the fans and have a wonderful time doing it.  Sure, the plot gets very very shaky in part 2 (Journey’s End).  Certainly, they should not do this every season.  But this was lots of fun and left me saying, “What? What? What!” for a week.


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