Ulysses gibbering section 3 part 1


Having now finished section 3, I have a few more bits of my random page graffiti for you. 

This section basically is Stephen walking on the beach and remembering all of the people he visited that afternoon (or when he was in Paris) and thinking about how other people’s opinions of him affect his image of himself.

“A choir gives back menace and echo”– choirs of small children singing,we die gently in the night” [Eddie Izzard on horror movies]

“the snorted Latin of jackpriests moving burly in their albs” —try a little priest [Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd]

“Reading two pages apiece of seven books every night”– not really the best way to hang onto a plot

“When one reads these strange pages of one long gone one feels that one is at one with one who once…” — ah, yes, book review clichés

“a dryline with two crucified shirts”– my, we ARE feeling morbid today

“I have passed the way to aunt Sara’s.  Am I not going there?  Seems not.”– I have those moments in the kitchen

“Whom were you trying to walk like?”– bravo on using WHOM correctly

“We don’t want any of your medieval abstrusiosities”– darn right!

To read the rest of section 3, click here (you brave souls, you).


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