episode 2 book graffiti for Ulysses


This episode of Ulysses begins with Stephen Daedalus teaching in a classroom.  As a 7th grade teacher myself, several of these paragraphs sounded oh-so-familiar.  Here are a few of my sillier margin remarks.

“The boy’s blank face asked the blank window”– yes, I’ve done a bit of that myself

“I know, sir.  Ask me, sir, Comyn said”– rotten little brown-noser

“In a moment they will laugh more loudly, aware of my lack of rule”– see Up the Down Staircase!

“He recited jerks of verse with odd glances at the text”– welcome to reading aloud in every middle school

“floated out into the studious silence of the library”– uh oh… count the shadows! (Doctor Who)

count the shadows!

count the shadows in the silent library!

“sheltered from the sin of Paris”– wasn’t that WHY he chose Paris in the first place?

“He stood up and gave a shout of nervous laughter to which their cries echoed dismay” — ah, he’s the weird teacher

“Can you do them yourself? Stephen asked. / No, sir”— poor boy, math is hard for us all

“a fox, red reek of rapine in his fur” — huh? where did Fox in Socks come from?

“The sum was done. / It is very simple, Stephen said as he stood up”– way to make the kid feel worse!

Are you up for more?  Click here for part 2 of section 2.




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  2. Yes, I chuckled over these classroom scenes too…oh, memories of my own school days, of course, nothing like that ever happens in my classes LOL.
    Lisa (from Team Ulysses at DoveGreyReader) via Wandering Rocks.

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