quick Ulysses progress update


I must say that I’m pleased with myself.  I’ve made a good start & finished ep. 1 today.  I’d forgotten how much fun (yes–I have a strange sense of fun)  proper lit crit is. 🙂  I’ve looked up the Latin translations & the words I didn’t know, jotted remarks to the characters in my margins, and made connections to contemporary events/ characters/ etc.  Reminds me a bit of tackling “Orlando.”

Here are a few of my more unusual notes, along with the line they reference in quotation marks, up to page 13:

“Lend us your noserag to wipe my razor” — very sanitary indeed, Buck

“My aunt thinks you killed your mother, he said” — is he plagued by aunts like Bernie Wooster?

“I’m not joking, Kinch.  You look damn well when you’re dressed.” — finally, a compliment, though a back-handed one

“his razor and mirror clacking in the pocket where he had thrust them.” — probably how the mirror got cracked in the first place

“You crossed her last wish in death and yet you sulk with me because I don’t winge like some hired mute for Lalouette’s”– it’s a fair cop, guv

“And no more turn aside and brood” — sigh no more, ladies/ sigh no more (Shakespeare’s “Much Ado”)

“Ghoul!  Chewer of corpses!”– great epithet!

“Why should I bring it down?  Or leave it there all day, forgotten friendship?”– isn’t it good, Norwegian wood (Beatles song)

“The milk, sir.”– john’s the milk, perhaps?[insert Welsh accent here]

“Ah, to be sure.” — don’t rile up the ol’ lady, Buck!

“He watched her pour into the measure and thence into the jug rich white milk, not hers.” — duh, dude.

Yes, I am fully aware that these notes are neither intelligently elucidating nor particularly clever, but I enjoyed them. 🙂  On to part 2 of section 1 here.

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