Worth a Try


Hi!  This will be my first attempt at a blog.  I’ve been reading other people’s, and I’ve gotten inspired.  I’ve got the summer off of work, and so I need a project (and cleaning the house doesn’t count). 

I don’t read much during the school year, so I figure, this summer, I’ll share my thoughts with you.  I’ll give title, author, and a brief summary, along with my opinions and thoughts.  Many of the books will be parts of longer serieses (seriesi??– just exactly what is the plural of series??), which I’ll try to note.  Along the way, I’ll probably give you my thoughts on some movies/ tv shows, etc.  Please, let me know what you think. 

If not, well.. to borrow from Sancho Panza in “Man of La Mancha,” “if no one listens, then it’s just as well.  At least I won’t get caught in any lies I tell…” 🙂


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